Flautist Althea Rene's Royal Concert Performance

Oh, yeah!!!! Step aside and bow deeply, because a queen has entered the royal hall of these music review pages. Althea Rene is a genuine diva of Nu Jazz, R & B, and Smooth Soul: a tenacious monarch with lips, lungs and fingers of gold. Every concert goer will be "rocked" by all the songs performed by this artist. So, let it be known far and wide, that if you haven't visited the kingdom of jazz flautist, Althea Rene, you really must partake in the panoply of her "flava" filled abilities. Music fans celebrate this serene Cinderella's musical skills. This classy lady has extreme TALENT, with personal beauty and style as a sideboard delight that oozes with charismatic appeal in "live" performance. Her performance sets a sensual stage for every song, because her gentle delivery of her soulful tunes makes people want to snuggle up close with someone special and blows them out the water as softly as she blows her magical flute.

"No Restrictions" is a fast funky melody that winds and weaves you into her versatile voodoo of sexy sophistication while a subtle urban groove appeal pulsates rhythms behind the allure of her enchanting instrument. This song gyrates a soulful blend of frankly funky and hypnotically smooth "gotcha" magic. The underground urban "flowitry" of "Wishing on a Star" must be a well kept secret of this quintessential queen, 'cause all you can do is be amazed by her continual divination into the realm of wordless, stylishly seamless musical encryption. As if to suggest she experiences "Déjà Vu", Althea Rene polishes off the attentions of her listeners with a "chilladisiac" lyrical sermon that renders all visitors of her kingdom, apostolic followers, forever faithful to the textures of her silky smooth sound. So, bow deeply and support a sista who does know more than you might be willing to admit to...and celebrate with me, Althea Rene, a true queen of nu jazz musical magic!